Our service


IEC Game is a major game publisher brand that is always present in the top publishers of Vietnam and the region. We are confident to bring successful cooperation to our partners!

publishing process

Step 1

Submit your game with some information:
Name, video of gameplay, an Apple App Store or Google Play store page or APK

Step 2

Our publishing manager will contact with you and get more details about your game

Step 3

We test your game’s CPI and other Metrics: Retention rate, playtime,… with real players to provide you with crucial feedback and advice on what to work on and improve.


If the KPIs are positive, we’ll offer a contract to publish your game and support it with our in-house expertise.


By publishing with us, you can receive:

1. Valuable recommendations to improve your game

We work closely with you from the start to make your games meets its KPIs and become the potential future hit.

2. Excellent Marketing Service

We do everything for you from creative creation, UA campaigns and monetization optimization to launch your game globally to meet its maximized capacity.

3. Attractive Profit Share Model

We offer attractive profit share model with competitive up-front payment. For more information, contact us at: Publishing@iecgames.net.

Publishing FAQs

Live game on store

We will test your game in your play store.  After testing phase, your game will be transferred to our store for publishing


Your game will be released in our store for testing and publishing.

Game idea

We will use your videos for CPI testing. 

You need to commit to make your idea into a complete game from the testing period.